Im eddie, stay here for help you!

Im eddie, stay here for help you!

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We want to help you choose the best lift kit for your Toyota Tacoma. Here, you can explore all the Old Man Emu Lift kit options available for your 1st Gen (98-04) Tacoma.

Visualize your Tacoma 

To help you make your decision, you can see how much an OME lift kit costs, visualize your ride with 2 inches lift height, and understand the implications of different load setups. We have also provided a comparison table that highlights the differences between OME's different shock options—Nitrocharger Plus, MT64, and BP-51.

Mudify's Lift Kit Setups

Since each ride is used differently and comes with unique accessories, we take the time to thoroughly review and ensure that each lift we offer is tailored to optimize the on- and off-road experience for your 1st Gen Tacoma.

We're here to help

If you require additional advice or guidance, our team is ready to assist you via call or chat. We hope this page helps you make your decision!

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