CKMTA12 Bundle Kit

ARB Inflation Kit, Air Compressor and Digital Tire inflator


- 1 x ARB 12 Volts On-Board Twin High Performance Air Compressor 12V- CKMTA12
- 1 x ARB Air Compressor Manifold Kit 171503
- 1 x ARB Pump Up Kit High Temp Orange 171302
- 1 x ARB Digital Tire inflator ARB601

easy to use

Air tanks can help to significantly reduce filling time when pumping up tyres, allowing you to get back on the road sooner. As you move from tyre to tyre, the compressor will prepare excess air in the air tank. This facilitates a greater rush of air at the next tyre, resulting in less wait time on every tyre.

The greatest advantage of onboard air is the enhanced accessibility, an onboard air compressor doesn’t need to be packed, unpacked or plugged in. They are often discreetly mounted and don’t take up precious cargo space; unlike portable compressors, mounted compressors are always with you on any adventure, so there’s no risk of forgetting your compressor or being caught out.

Additionally, on-board air can assist with convenient use of other accessories, as it can be plumbed directly into Air Lockers and air suspension.

One advantage of a twin compressor over a single air compressor is speed, as the twin air compressor can inflate tyres at twice the pace of a single.

The twin air compressor also features a brushless fan, allowing it to run for indefinite periods. This makes it a suitable choice for drivers who wish to pump a multitude of vehicle tyres in quick succession. Unlike a single compressor, a twin compressor does not require cooling off time, as it is able to self-regulate heat, even on hot days in the sun.

ARB compressors are IP sealed, protecting them against both water and dust ingress. The result is a product which can be mounted virtually anywhere, even in submergible locations. The only requirement when mounting a compressor in a location that may be submerged is that the air intake is relocated to a permanently dry location. Other than this, the compressor can be wherever you desire; mounted under seats, under bonnets, on the frame of your car.

To assist with mounting your compressor, ARB now produces a complete system for onboard air, with universal brackets, vehicle-specific brackets, hoses and chucks, remote mounting kits, and air intake relocation kits to remount the air filter.

There is no single or simple answer to this question for any compressor. Firstly, tyres come in different sizes with different capacities, a 305/75-R17 (35”) tyre is going to require a lot more air and time to inflate than a 265/65-R17 (30.6”) tyre. Also, what pressure you start from greatly affects the time it take to inflate a tyre. Inflating a tyre from 15PSI to 25PSI is going to take less time than inflating a tyre from 30PSI to 40PSI due to the back pressure in the higher inflated tyre.

ARB compressors also offer dependability. ARB compressors are engineered to service your vehicle for the entire life of the vehicle. Additionally, ARB compressors have been designed with other, tougher applications in mind. Military applications as well as commercial applications, such as mining, have been a focus during the development process, making ARB compressors tougher than others on the market. ARB compressors are amongst the most popular vehicle compressors worldwide and carry a three year warranty.

ARB compressors are 100% assembled and dyno tested here in Australia. Each compressor is dyno tested for flow, amps, and RPM among other measures, providing a complete quality check on every unit.

ARB compressors are oil-less, meaning they are effectively maintenance free, and are engineered to work effectively for years upon years. In the instance a compressor does require servicing, they are fully serviceable. Because they are assembled in Melbourne, every single component is readily available for replacement if required.

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