A black disc made of polycarbonate material, designed to protect ARB Auxiliary Light Covers ARB SJB36LENB - Black.
A black and white ARB circular device made of polycarbonate material with the word 'solis' written on it.
SJB36LENB ARB Lighting Mudify
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Auxiliary Light Covers ARB SJB36LENB - Black


Auxiliary Light Covers ARB SJB36LENB - Black
  • Whether you prefer complete black-out, amber or clear – there’s a range of cover colors to choose from to protect your Intensity Solis lights!
  • Sold individually.


ARB auxiliary light covers are manufactured from high-quality polycarbonate material and are available in a variety of shapes, dimensions, and colors.

The style options are tailored to suit a range of driving conditions and customer tastes—while protecting the lens and bezel of the driving lights. Shield your vehicle's auxiliary lights with style; order a pair of ARB light covers!

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